We provide a wide range of services at a fair price in the Tacoma, WA area!

Goat Rental

Get a small heard of goats to clear over grown back yard or small lot of leaves, weeds, and they love the blackberries.
Only $150.00 per week with a one time $50.00 transportation charge.
All lots/yards must be fenced in up to 4ft.
If power present, I will provide a hot fence if needed.


Douglas Fir cut 14” to 16” on avg. Spilt small to avg size.

  • Wheelbarrow full for camping/backyard fires only $25.00
  • Third Cord $125.00
  • Half Cord $200.00
  • Full Cord $300.00

FREE delivery available up to 20 miles.
Delivery over 20 miles for $50 fee.

Truck and Trailer Rental/ Dump runs

Rent a truck and dump trailer and get work done!
Dump runs $65.00/hr plus dump fee.

Tree Removal

We’ll cut and remove any falling trees and cut/drop any tree with room to fall (no climbing or topping of trees).
All jobs must be quoted in person!

Pressure Washing

Get ready to give your property the ultimate facelift with our pressure washing services! We’ll remove any dirt or grime from your driveways, roofs, sidewalks, and houses, leaving them looking so clean and fresh. Call +1 253 9052604 or email for a quote!


Need something fixed around the house or your property. Don’t hesitate, give us a call +1 253 9052604 or email!

Payment Methods